Niacin 500mg
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Niacinamide 500 mg (100 capsules)


Niacinamide 500mg (100 caps)

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Now Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3)

There are diseases that can be treated with niacin, and there are those that can be treated with nicotinamide.

There are conditions that are better treated with another form of vitamin Bz, nicotinamide, than with niacin.

People suffering from type 1 diabetes

require constant insulin injections, so they must take nicotinamide regularly

Now Nicotinamide - this substance is also able to prevent damage to the pancreas to some extent, which leads to the loss of the body's ability to produce its own insulin. This damage begins at a young age, which explains why type I diabetes is also called juvenile diabetes. This also explains why the earlier we can protect the pancreas, the more successful the prevention of this disease will be.

It was from these considerations that the researchers proceeded when, for preventive purposes, they gave approximately eighty thousand children (from 5 to 7 years) nicotinamide to produce insulin.

Nicotinamide also reduces pain and improves joint mobility in osteoarthritis.

Consequences of vitamin B3 deficiency

If you are overcome by skin diseases, if you are nervous and irritable for no particular reason, and in addition, you suffer from diarrhea, then you probably lack only vitamin Bz (niacin).

From tryptophan in the process of metabolism, the nerve stimulus serotonin is formed, which affects our sleep and mood. Since niacin is absolutely indispensable for the production of energy in the cells of the body, with its deficiency, a significant proportion of tryptophan is converted into niacin. And this, in turn, leads to a lack of serotonin and, as a result, to insomnia, poor concentration, depression, nervousness, even to severe depression, hallucinations and even schizophrenia. And all this despite the fact that most of us already suffer from tryptophan deficiency. Therefore, so that the amino acid tryptophan is not wasted on the production of niacin, but goes on the formation of serotonin, there must be enough niacin in the food.

It's just amazing how active this little wizard is in the work of our incomprehensibly complex factory of life. Niacin is one of the most important substances intended for the transport of electrons and energy production in a living cell.


Take 1 capsule once a day.


Ingredients for 1 capsule:

Niacin (as niacinamide) 500 mg

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