Микробак  форте
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Forte micro tank

  For current and final disinfection

  • 5 л.

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Storage; active substances: benzalkonium chloride - 18.6-21.2; dodecylbispropylenetriamine - 4.5-5.5; auxiliary substances: glycerin, surface-active substances, corrosion inhibitors, foaming regulators, aroma, water up to 100.0.

  Forte micro tank is used:

· For current and final disinfection in health care facilities, in centers of infectious diseases of bacterial (including tuberculosis), viral and fungal etiology;

· For preventive disinfection in health care facilities, medical and sanitary units, paramedic-midwifery and medical centers; ambulances and emergency medical assistance; laboratories of various subordinates; pharmacies and pharmacy establishments; sanitary and preventive institutions; health facilities; children's preschool institutions; educational institutions of different levels of accreditation; enterprises of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and microbiological industry; enterprises of the food industry, catering and trade; sports and health facilities; social security institutions; military units; recreation and entertainment institutions;

· For disinfection of tools, incl. combined with manual and mechanical cleaning;

· For general cleaning in medical and preventive and other institutions;

· in everyday life.

The shelf life of working solutions is 14 days