Дезсредство  Аниосурф премиум НПК UA  1 л
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Aniosurf premium NPK UA 1 l

For current, final and preventive disinfection.

  • 1 л.

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Aniosurf premium NPK - means for disinfection of surfaces and medical products, disinfection of instruments, incl. combined with cleaning.

The composition of the product, the content of active and auxiliary substances, wt.%: Active substances: didecyldimethylammonium chloride - 7.8-8.6; 1,1 hexamethylene bis

(5- (4-chlorophenyl) biguanide) digluconate - 0.475-0.525; polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride - 0.023-0.025;

excipients: nonionic surfactant, hydrotropic agent, pH regulator, filler, water - up to 100.


- for current and final disinfection in healthcare institutions;

- for disinfection of tools, incl. combined with pre-sterilization cleaning by manual and mechanized methods;

- for general cleaning in sanitary and preventive institutions, children's, preschool and educational institutions

- for preventive disinfection in pharmacies, laboratories, sanitary and preventive institutions;

- for preventive disinfection in children's, preschool and educational institutions;

- for preventive disinfection in banks;

- for preventive disinfection at pharmaceutical and food industry enterprises;

- for preventive disinfection at utility facilities;

- for preventive disinfection on all types of transport;

- for preventive disinfection at home;

- to combat mold.

The product Aniosurf premium NPK has no color and no smell. Does not contain allergens. Perfectly compatible with materials. Does not need to be washed off after treatment.

Stability of working solutions - 7 days.

Short exposure time: 5-15 minutes.

Low concentration of working solutions: 0.05-0.25%