Дезсредство Корзолекс екстра, 2 л
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For disinfection, combining the processes of disinfection and pre-sterilization cleaning, sterilization of medical products     

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Korsolex extra "(Korsolex extra) - a disinfectant for disinfection, pre-sterilization cleaning, sterilization of medical products.

The composition of the product, the content of active and auxiliary substances, mass%:

1,6-dihydroxy-2,5-dioxohexane - 15.3; glutaraldehyde 7.5; surfactants; benzalkonium chloride - 1.0; surface-active substances, solvents, corrosion inhibitors, foaming regulators, dye, aroma (excipients), water up to 100.0.

Purpose of the tool:

Krzolex extra "is used: for disinfection, combination of disinfection processes, pre-sterilization cleaning, sterilization of medical products of heat-stable and heat-labile materials, including rigid and flexible tools for them, laboratory utensils in health care facilities (treatment and preventive facilities, clinical and diagnostic, bacteriological, virological, health facilities, etc.);

for disinfection of tools at enterprises of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and microbiological industries;

for disinfection of tools in institutions of communal and household use (manicure, pedicure, cosmetic cabinets, hairdressing, etc.).