Дезсредство   Аниосепт Актив- концентрат для холодной стерилизации 1 кг ведро
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Aniocept Active

A preparation based on peracetic acid. Cold sterilization. High level disinfection  

  • 5 кг.

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Aniosept Active is a concentrated fine-grained white powder that dissolves well in water.

High level disinfection

- Cold sterilization (of medical products, including flexible and rigid endoscopes and related instruments)

- Excellent cleaning ability

- Working solutions, according to directives 1999/45 / EU and 67/548 / EEC, are safe for human health and the environment

- Wide spectrum of microbiological activity

- Excellent compatibility with materials (glass, rubber, iron alloys, polymer materials, etc.)

- Repeated use of the working solution within 24 hours (!)

- Does not contain toxic compounds of heavy metals, as well as boron compounds

- Absence of odor in working solutions

- Can be used in ultrasound baths


• Destroys biofilms in 5 minutes

• Solutions biological solubility

• Ability to control the activity of working solutions using test strips

• Convenient preparation of working solutions in cold and warm water

Preparation of the working solution To obtain the working solution of the required concentration, take the required amount of powder using a measuring spoon * according to the following

table Pour the product into a pre-prepared container with water. Stir until the powder is completely dissolved.


bactericidal properties, including against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae, etc., as well as bacterial biofilms (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc.). Certified in accordance with European standards EN 1040, EN 13727, EN 14561;

tuberculocidal properties against Mycobacterium terrae, Mycobacterium avium, Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Certified according to the European standard EN 14348;

fungicidal properties, including against Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger, etc. Certified according to European standards EN1275, EN13624, EN14562;

Virulicidal properties, including against viral hepatitis B and C, HIV, poliovirus type 1, adenovirus type 5, etc. Certified according to European standards EN14476, EN14476 + A1;

sporicidal properties, including against Bacillus subtilis. Certified according to the European standard EN 13704.