Set of hub bearings R185.01
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Set of hub bearings R185.01

Foot bearing, set

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Manufacturer code: R185.01

Weight [g]: 3565

Width 1 [mm]: 86.5

Outer diameter 1 [mm]: 150

Inner diameter 1 [mm]: 29.010

Manufacturer: French company SNR

Front wheel bearing kit SSANGYONG KORANDO 2.0/2.0D 11.10-

A hub bearing is an element of the car's running gear that ensures wheel attachment, its smooth rotation and centering. It is constantly exposed to high loads during maneuvering, shocks when driving on uneven road surfaces, the influence of temperature changes and the influence of an aggressive environment, such as salt in the winter period. This part cannot be disassembled, it cannot be repaired, only replaced in case of failure. Damage can be suspected based on the following signs:

Unusual noise and noise;

Backlash and wheel friction.

At the first signs of wear or damage to the bearing, you should immediately reduce the speed and contact the service center. Its failure can cause loss of control and an accident.

                                                      HUB AND HUB BEARING

Hub, hub bearing - parts and spare parts

The wheel hub, as the main part of the car suspension, is designed to rotate the wheels along the entire axis and securely hold them on the suspension. It also transmits turning movements from the transmission to the drive wheel. For this purpose, the device is equipped with an additional place for landing, intended for the semi-axis of the PTO.

In addition to the brake disc or drum, the modern hub carries a variety of sensors, an impulse disc and other elements of the ABS system. It ensures maintenance of the main mechanisms and parts on the semi-axis. The car is equipped with four hubs, one for each wheel.

The wheel hub bearing is the central component of the car chassis. It consists of outer and inner rings, a separator, as well as a rolling element, the shape of which depends on the design features of a particular car. On the outer surface of the inner ring and the inner surface of the outer ring, special tracks are applied, along which the rolling elements move. Ball and roller rolling bearings are distinguished by their shape.