Омега-3 Тунец
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Omega-3 Tuna


Omega-3 Tuna with a high level of DHA

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A unique product with the highest amount of DHA acids in nature – 25%. For better brain and memory function, skin elasticity and tone, silky hair, hormone balance, sleep and metabolism.

Recommendations for use

Stimulates the brain and improves memory

Makes skin elastic, nails strong, and hair long and shiny.

Improves metabolism - helps both in losing weight and gaining weight

It has a beneficial effect on hormones, the heart and the nervous system

Reduces inflammatory processes

Strengthens immunity

Increases the hormone of happiness - serotonin


100% fish oil from tuna meat (Iceland), beef gelatin (Germany), vegetable glycerin (Czech Republic)

EPA 142 mg

DHA 486 mg


Adults and children over 11 years old, 2 capsules 2 times a day, with food, for prevention.

The recommended course of intake: 2-3 months, but you can not take a break, because Omega-3 does not accumulate in the body - and the composition contains nothing but them.


Allergy to fish

Violation of blood coagulation

Gallstone disease

We recommend taking Omega-3 with food or immediately after. Preferably with other fats for better absorption.

In the package:

120 capsules of 500 mg

1 month of reception