Омега-3 Треска
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Omega-3 Cod


Omega-3 Cod with vitamins A and D3

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A complex of EPA + DHA acids and natural vitamins A&D3 for the health of your skin, hair, vision, sleep, strong bones, joints and immunity.

Recommendations for use

Thanks to EPA acids and vitamins, it reduces inflammatory processes - fights acne and hair loss, stimulates their growth, reduces joint pain

Strengthens immunity, protects against viruses and diseases due to Omega-3 acids and vitamins A and D

Improves mood and relieves symptoms of depression

Improves the work of hormones, heart and central nervous system

Improves metabolism and work of the gastrointestinal tract


100% fish oil from cod liver, gelatin, glycerin.


170 mg/205 mg

Vitamin A

656 mcg 2187 IU


5.2 μg 208 IU


Adults and children over 11 years old, 2 capsules 2 times a day, with food, for prevention.

Course of reception: 2-3 months, after which take a break for 1-2 months or switch to Omega-3 from Tuna.


Allergy to fish

Violation of blood coagulation

Gallstone disease

We recommend taking Omega-3 with food or immediately after. Preferably with other fats for better absorption.

In the package:

120 capsules of 500 mg

1 month of reception