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Lincomistin alcohol

Lincomistin is recommended for use in institutions of various profiles

  • 1 л.

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Solution for local use of 0.1%, 1 ml of solution contains benzyldimethyl-myristoylamino-propylammonium chloride (miramistin) - 1 mg. Excipients: ethyl alcohol 70%.

Purpose of the tool:

For surgical and hygienic hand disinfection

For processing medical instruments.

Processing of tools for manicure and pedicure.

Processing of hairdressing tools.

For quick disinfection in hard-to-reach places, hard non-porous surfaces, including surfaces of rooms, furniture items.

Medical devices and equipment, external surfaces of nodes and parts of physiotherapy equipment, sensors for medical devices, including Ultrasound, stethoscopes and stethoscopes.

Nursing care items, children's toys, pacifiers, baby bottles, table and floor coverings, sports equipment made of non-porous, smooth materials, etc.

Telephones, monitors, computer and office equipment

Do not use for disinfection of objects made of materials sensitive to alcohol.

The shelf life is 3 years.