Еклин-Нук-для дезинфекции, ПСО и стерилизации
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Eklin-Nuk - sterilization 5 l.

Disinfectant with detergent properties for disinfection, pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization

  • 5 л.

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The composition of the product, the content of active and auxiliary substances, mass. %: Hydrogen peroxide at least 6.0; acetic acid - up to 30.0; peracetic acid - not less than 3.0 and active substances, complexes, water up to 100.

Eklin-Nuk is intended for:

Disinfection and washing of surfaces in premises, in medical and preventive and other health care institutions

Disinfection of medical equipment (including incubators, anesthesia and respiratory equipment,

anesthesia equipment, respiratory circuits, bags, ultrasound sensors, resuscitation and

changing table, etc.)

Disinfection of dental impressions made of alginate, silicone materials,

polyester resin, denture blanks made of metals, ceramics, plastics and other materials,

suction systems of dental units, saliva extractors and spittoons;

Disinfection of medical products (including surgical and dental

tools, including rotary ones; rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments for endoscopes)

High-level disinfection of endoscopes;

sterilization of VMP (including surgical instruments, dental instruments and

materials, endoscopes and tools for endoscopes)

Disinfection, combined with cleaning, of medical products

purpose (including surgical and dental instruments, including

rotating), flexible and rigid endoscopes, tools for manual endoscopes and

mechanized (in ultrasonic installations of any type) methods;

pre-sterilization cleaning, not combined with disinfection, of medical products

purpose (including instruments for endoscopes, surgical and dental

tools, including rotating, as well as dental materials) rigid and flexible

manual and mechanized endoscopes (in ultrasound installations of any type)


Disinfection of food and medical waste - medical products

disposable, dressing material, medical textile waste

materials, single-use underwear, etc., before their disposal in LPU, as well as

food waste and other waste (liquid waste, including endoscopic washing water),

blood, biological secretions of the patient (sputum, urine, feces, vomitus, sputum,

plasma, saliva, mucus, etc.), dishes from the secretions of the patient;

Disinfection of clotted blood, donor blood and blood products with depleted blood

expiration date,

Disinfection of sanitary transport and transport for food transport


As well as disinfection measures at other epidemically significant objects, the activities of which

requires work to be carried out in accordance with current sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic regulations

norms and rules, regulatory and methodological documents.


Disinfection 1% - 60 min., 1.5% - 45 min.

Pre-sterilization cleaning - 0.5% -45 min., 1% -30 min., 1.5% -20 min.

Sterilization - 0.5% -60 min., 1% -45 min., 1.5% -30 min., 2% -15 min.

Shelf life 1 year