Комбінований дезінфектант- дезінфекція, стерилізація  - 1
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Combined disinfectant - disinfection, sterilization

Disinfection, pre-sterilization cleaning, sterilization

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The composition contains glutaraldehyde as an active substance - 8.0; benzalkonium chloride - 6.0; didecylmethylammonium chloride - 2.0, additional substances - isopropanol, surfactants, corrosion inhibitor, pH corrector, fragrance.

Purpose of the tool. means:

Combined disinfectant - intended for:

For current, final, preventive disinfection, general cleaning for bacterial (including tuberculosis), viral (including adenoviruses, influenza viruses, parainfluenza and other pathogens of acute respiratory infections, enteroviruses, rotaviruses, poliomyelitis virus, enteral (A) viruses, parenteral viruses) (c, c) hepatitis, herpes, atypical pneumonia, "bird" flu, HIV) and fungal (candidiasis, dermatomycosis) etiology, anaerobic infections, control of mold (mold fungi) in health care institutions and medical and preventive facilities of all profiles, infectious foci, surgical profile department, in purulent-septic departments, manipulation departments, intensive care and resuscitation departments, patho-anatomical, forensic medical expertise, outpatient clinics, clinical and diagnostic laboratories, emergency and emergency medical aid stations, donor points and blood transfusion points , medical and sanitary units, pharmacy First institutions.

For disinfection of indoor surfaces, furnishings, medical devices and sanitary equipment, laboratory and canteen dishes, incl. disposable items, items for washing dishes, linen, cleaning equipment, rubber mats, toys, items for caring for patients, personal hygiene products.

For the disinfection of medical waste from textile materials, single-use medical products before their disposal, sanitary transport, footwear for the purpose of prevention of infections of fungal etiology - disinfection of blood and biological secretions (urine, feces, sputum, plasma, saliva, mucus, etc.) In medical and preventive institutions, diagnostic and clinical laboratories, at blood transfusion and collection stations and points, on sanitary transport; dishes from secretions.

For disinfection, combined with cleaning (PSO) of medical devices made of various materials (including rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments for them), surgical, obstetric-gynecological and dental instruments (including rotary, saliva suction devices), dental materials (imprints from alginate and silicone, denture blanks, articulators, crowns, casts, bridges) in medical and preventive and health care institutions; hairdressing, manicure, pedicure and cosmetic accessories, etc., in particular, using ultrasonic and circulation washing equipment, as well as for thermal disinfection.

For sterilization of medical products, including surgical and dental instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes, tools for them.

For high-level disinfection of endoscopes.  at communal facilities (hotels, campsites, hostels, holiday homes, baths, swimming pools, sports complexes, hair salons, manicure, pedicure, solariums, SPA salons, cosmetic rooms, public toilets, laundries, dry cleaners, etc.) ; in recreation facilities (cinemas, theaters, cultural and health complexes) at enterprises of the pharmaceutical, microbiological, perfumery and cosmetic, food and processing industries.

On rolling stock and facilities for the provision of all types of transport (including public, automobile, sanitary, emergency medical aid), railway (wagons of passenger, electric and diesel trains, wagons and containers for the transportation of food, premises and separate objects of railway stations, stations), metro, water transport, air transport objects and airports.

Disinfection measures at other epidemically significant objects, the activities of which require work to be carried out in accordance with current sanitary and hygienic and anti-epidemic norms and rules, regulatory and methodological documents.


Disinfection 01% -30 min., 0.5% -15 min., 1% - 10 min.

Pre-sterilization cleaning - 0.25% - 20 min., 05% - 10 min.

Sterilization - 5% - 120 min., 8% - 60 min., 15% - 20 min.

Use of the finished solution multiple times within 21 days

The shelf life is 5 years.