КлінДез 401-дезінфекція ПСО  - 1
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ClinDez 401 - PSO disinfection

Concentrated detergent with a disinfectant effect for disinfection and pre-sterilization cleaning

  • 5 л.

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The composition of the means - the content of active and auxiliary substances, mass. %: Active substance - sodium hypochlorite - up to 50%; auxiliary substances - anti-corrosion, stabilizing additives; anionic and nonionic South African Republic. The initial content of active chlorine in the product concentrate is 5.0% - 9.0%.

The tool is intended for: current, final, preventive disinfection, general cleaning

In health care institutions and medical and preventive institutions of all profiles

At communal facilities

At enterprises of the food and processing industry

On the objects of the housing and communal economy

In children's preschool institutions, educational institutions of all levels of accreditation

On rolling stock and objects of provision of all types of transport

In institutions of restaurant business and trade

At industrial enterprises, plants, factories, warehouses and storage facilities

disinfection modes

For infections of bacterial etiology, 0.015% - 30 min., 0.1% - 15 min.

With infections of viral (including poliomyelitis, viral hepatitis A, B, C, D, AIDS) etiology.

0.05% -90 min., 0.1% -20 min., 0.15% -15 min.

With tuberculosis 0.05 60 min.

Shelf life 1 year