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Calcium citrate 300 mg (120 tab.)


Calcium Citrate 300mg (120 tabs)

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Calcium Citrate High Absorption (120 tablets) is a highly bioavailable form of calcium citrate, designed to normalize calcium levels in the body of people with low acidity.

Helps in the normal development and maintenance of bones and teeth.

May reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis

· The citrate form of calcium is well absorbed.

Calcium is one of the main minerals for the construction of the skeleton, playing an extremely important role in the body:

Main mineral in the structure of bones and teeth

Regulates the functioning of muscles and the nervous system

Regulates the condition of skin, hair and nails

plays an active role in blood clotting

Important for maintaining cardiovascular health and normal heart rhythm

Risk groups for calcium deficiency:

· Pregnant and lactating women

women during menopause


people with lactose intolerance

· children in the period of active growth

· smokers

people who drink a lot of coffee

· Athletes (many minerals are excreted through sweat). If an athlete experiences cramps, this indicates that he lacks calcium and other electrolytes.

To maintain a stable level of calcium in the blood, it moves from the bones into the blood when needed; when there is insufficient calcium, it is removed from the bones, weakening them, causing osteoporosis.

Webber Naturals Calcium Citrate High Absorption provides calcium in one of its most effective forms, calcium citrate.

Calcium citrate is a chemical compound of calcium salts and citric acid. Calcium citrate is absorbed on an empty stomach, since it does not require gastric acid for absorption and in case of any acidity of the stomach, which is especially important for hypochlorhydria - low acidity.

The advantage of calcium citrate is that it prevents kidney stones and is good for urinary tract diseases.

Calcium citrate alkalinizes urine, creating an unfavorable environment for the development of sexually transmitted infections and inflammation.

Calcium citrate is ideal for older people, as acidity decreases in old age. The degree of absorption of calcium citrate is 44%.

Recommended dosage (adults): 2-5 tablets per day, several years before or after taking other medications or as directed by your doctor.

Respect! The required amount of calcium for a person depends on several factors: age, health, the presence of illness, especially the scolio-intestinal tract with damage to the moisturizing of various organs.

The calcium norm for an adult is 800 to 1200 mg per dose.

The lower figure reflects the needs of young, healthy and frail people. The upper standard is for children, young children, pregnant women and women after 50 years of age.

Individual intolerance to components, allergies to warehouses.

Complementary supplements: it is recommended to supplement with magnesium, vitamin D-3, vitamin K-2, zinc, silicon and phosphorus.


Warehouse for 1 tablet:

Calcium (citrate) 300 mg

Number of tablets per package: 120

Non-medicinal components: coating (carbohydrate gum, glycerin), croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate (mastila).

Without artificial barberries, preservatives and additives; without dairy products, starch, zucchini, wheat, gluten, yeast, soy, corn, eggs, fish, shellfish, cooked products, salt, peas or GMOs. Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.