Эмульсия Бактолан бальзам
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Bactolan balm emulsion

Emulsion for dry skin care

  • 350 мл.

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          Bactolan balm

Bactolan balm - an emulsion for nourishing very dry and sensitive skin of the whole body and hands. The Baktolan product series is a carefully coordinated range of cleansing and nourishing skin care products. The formula is selected in accordance with the specific requirements of sensitive, especially demanding, as well as dry and problematic skin. The condition of the skin is normalized: it calms down, becomes smooth, elastic and healthy. Baktolan balm (BAKTOLAN balm) was specially developed for intensive care and nutrition of very dry and sensitive skin of the whole body and hands. It is a W / M emulsion (water in oil) containing castor oil, panthenol, allantoin, vitamin E, bisabolol. Nutritional components ensure the preservation of moisture in skin cells, smoothing and regeneration of the skin. Due to the content of bisabolol, the balm relieves irritation and redness of the skin. Stabilizes the acid-protective layer, maintaining a skin-friendly pH value of 5.5. Vitamin E prevents skin damage by oxygen radicals, prevents aging and increases skin elasticity. Bactolan balm can be applied to the whole body, it is quickly absorbed, does not leave a greasy film on the skin.