Сенсива U-для гигиенической и хирургической обработки рук.
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Sterilium classic pur

Hygienic and surgical disinfection of the skin of the hands

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Sterilium classic pur

Alcohol antiseptic for hands with a skin-protecting effect


* Wide range of antimicrobial action;

* Fast-acting drug with prolonged action for 1 hour on unprotected skin of the hands and for 3 hours under medical gloves;

* Effective against resident microflora;

* Reduction of transient flora by more than 99.99% in 30 seconds;

* Certified according to European standards prEN 12791, EN 1500;

* Exceptionally good skin tolerance even with long-term use;

* Excellent protection and skin care;

* Hand sanitizer can be used anywhere, regardless of whether there is a hand sink and water.


100 g of solution contain:

2-propanol - 45 g, 1-propanol - 30 g, mecetronium ethyl sulfate (INN) - 0.2 g, additives for skin care.

Fields of application

It is used for hygienic and surgical (preoperative antiseptic) hand antiseptics and antiseptic treatment of the skin before injections and punctures, in various areas of medicine and in everyday life:

* In medical institutions and medical practice of all profiles;

* In functional departments (operating rooms, intensive care units, infectious diseases hospitals);

* In dispensaries and laboratories;

* When caring for the sick, elderly and babies at home;

* In industry (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, microbiological production, food production);

* In children's preschool institutions, in public catering and trade establishments, on all types of transport, communal facilities, etc.

Method of application, dosage and regimes

Sterilium® classic pure is a ready-to-use preparation. It is rubbed undiluted into the dry skin of the hands. It is necessary to ensure that the hands remain moistened with the drug during the entire exposure time. To achieve the required effect during surgical hand antiseptics, it is necessary to rub the drug in portions of 1.5 - 3 ml. For greater convenience, you should use a dispenser that, when activated by a lever, dispenses from 1.5 to 3 ml of solution (depending on the setting of the dispenser).

According to the European standard EN1500 and the List of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (VAH), the processing time for hygienic hand antiseptics is 30 seconds. The volume of the drug is at least 3 ml. To prevent TB, the procedure must be repeated twice.

Processing time for surgical hand antiseptics according to the European Standard EN1500 and the List of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (VAH) is 1.5 minutes. The volume of the drug is 2 x 3 ml.