Кутасепт Ф  послеоперационная обработка кожи и операционных швов 1 л.
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Kutasept F postoperative treatment of the skin

Before and after surgical treatment of the skin and surgical sutures.

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Storage; Content of active and auxiliary substances, wt.%: Active substances: 2-propanol - 63.0%, benzalkonium chloride 0.025%;

Kutasept F is intended for:

pre- and post-operative treatment of the skin and surgical sutures;

disinfection of patients' skin before invasive interventions, injections, blood sampling, punctures, blood sampling;

disinfection treatment of the skin in case of minor damage;

hygienic and surgical disinfection of the skin of the hands of medical personnel of medical and preventive institutions;

disinfection of the skin before manicure, pedicure and waxing, piercing and other procedures;

hygienic disinfection of the skin of the hands;

personnel of laboratories of various subordinates, sanitary-epidemiological service, pharmacies and pharmaceutical institutions, sanatorium-resort institutions (sanatoriums, prophylactics, rest houses, etc.); children's preschool institutions, educational institutions of different levels of accreditation; enterprises of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical, microbiological, food and processing industries;

restaurant and trade establishments, markets;

all types of transport (public, railway, sea, river, car, air, subway);

water supply facilities. communal and household service facilities (hotels, camping sites, hairdressers, cosmetology clinics and salons, solariums, URA-tsnstri, laundries, baths and saunas, dry cleaners, dormitories, etc.);

sports and health facilities (sports complexes, swimming pools, water parks), as well as in training and competition venues; social protection institutions, penitentiary institutions; industrial enterprises, warehouses and warehouses, including paper archives, warehouses of food products, medicines, hygiene items, etc.;

other objects. the activity of which requires compliance with hygienic norms and rules;

in emergency zones; in centers of infectious diseases;

rapid disinfection of surfaces, medical devices, incl. tools and gloves in emergency situations.

in everyday life for:

skin disinfection before blood sampling, blood sugar determination and insulin administration;

hygienic disinfection of the skin of the hands when caring for newborn children, the elderly, the sick, as well as when traveling, etc.