Дезсредство  Бациллол АФ -быстрая дезинфекция небольших поверхностей
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Bacilol AF-1 liter

The tool is used for quick disinfection in hard-to-reach places

  • 1 л.

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 Composition: 100 g of solution contains: 1-propanol 40 g, 2-propanol 20 g, glutaraldehyde 0.1 g, flavorings.

Product characteristics:

· Effective against hepatitis B / AIDS, Covid-19

· Acts after 30 seconds,

· Moisturizes well,

· Dries without a visible residue,

· When caring for surfaces, the material is spared.

Fields of application:

· In areas where there is a risk of infection with hepatitis B viruses / AIDS, such as medical and dental offices; operating and inpatient departments of hospitals, especially dialysis departments; intensive care units; medical laboratories, etc.;

· In areas where fast exposure and drying time is required;

· For hard-to-reach surfaces and objects.

Application method:

The tool is used for disinfection of surfaces made of any materials, except for surfaces that deteriorate due to the influence of alcohol (surfaces painted with low-grade paint, varnished, Plexiglas, etc.).

Surfaces are evenly irrigated with a solution of the agent using a hand sprayer from a distance of 30 cm until they are completely wet. The rate of consumption is not more than 50 ml / sq.m. m in a room with an area of at least 10 square meters. m. The ratio between the surface area to be disinfected and the total area during treatment should be 1:10.