Бациллол АФ, салфетки 100 шт.
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Bacillol AF, napkins

Quick disinfection in hard-to-reach places.

         Packaging - 100 pcs.

  • 100 шт.

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Bacillol AF, napkins

The composition of the product, the content of active and auxiliary substances.

Non-woven lint-free napkins made from a mixture of cellulose and synthetic fibers, impregnated with the disinfectant "Bacillol AF, which contains, wt.%: Active substances: 1-propanol - 45.0; 2-propanol - 25.0; ethanol - 4.7; excipients: 2-butanone, water - up to 100.0.

  Bacillol NAPKINS is used for rapid disinfection, current and final disinfection of small surfaces and objects in health care institutions, in centers of infectious diseases of bacterial (including tuberculosis), viral and fungal etiology;