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Vip Anios Excel wipes

Ready-to-use wipes for cleaning and disinfection. Do not contain alcohol, odorless

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Disinfecting wipes Vipanios Excel are non-woven lint-free wipes impregnated with a solution of the Surfacesafe disinfectant. Do not contain alcohol, odorless. The size of the napkin is 180x200 mm. Density - 50g/m2.

Vipanios wipes are suitable for quick disinfection of surfaces and tools, including surfaces sensitive to alcohol. It is very easy to use, because they are already ready for use - packed in a convenient plastic bag with a tight lid that prevents drying of the solution soaked in the napkins and accordingly preserves the disinfectant properties of the napkin, so it is recommended to tightly close the lid of the package after each time you take the napkin out of the package.

The advantages of Vipanios wipes include the fact that the solution they are impregnated with is created specifically for treating incubators and is 100% compatible with all materials from which equipment for non-anthology departments is made, i.e. suitable for disinfection of incubators, changing tables and resuscitation tables, as well as children's beds. Does not cause clouding of Plexiglas.