Тендиклин софт, 500 мл
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Tendiklin software

Tendiklin soft liquid soap is intended for frequent hand washing in healthcare facilities

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  • 500 мл.

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Tendiklin soft liquid soap is intended for frequent hand washing in health care institutions, including before surgical disinfection of hands, in public catering enterprises, pharmacological trade and public utility facilities, and other institutions where it is necessary to maintain the required level of cleanliness hands

   Tendiklin soft is a ready-to-use preparation, which is a thick transparent liquid without color and odor, forming a slight foam. The product gently and effectively cleans the skin of the hands and eyes without disturbing its physiological balance. Has a mild effect, does not cause irritation and allergic reactions, maintains skin moisture.

   Tendiklin soft does not cause skin irritation and meets the requirements of DSTU 4315: 2004 "Cosmetic agents for cleaning skin and hair". Tendiklin soft is intended only for external use, if it gets into the eyes, it is necessary to immediately wash them with water.

   Storage conditions. Store in the manufacturer's packaging at a temperature from + 5C to + 25C. The shelf life is 24 months.

Active substance (composition):

Sodium laureth sulfate, diethanolamides of coconut oil, sodium chloride, panthenol, vitamin complex, citric acid

Spectrum of antimicrobial activity:

Liquid soap for hands and body