Экстра-септ («Extra-sept»)-экстренная дезинфекция
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Extra-sept ("Extra-sept") - emergency disinfection

Instant and effective disinfection - the drug is applied by spraying or wiping - exposure is only 5 minutes.

  • 1 л.
  • 5 л.

₴300.00 No tax

₴300.00 Tax excluded

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The composition of the product, the content of active and auxiliary substances, mass. %: The product contains as active substances ethyl alcohol - not less than 64.0%, benzalkonium chloride - not less than 0.1%, purified water - up to 100.

Disinfectant "Extra-sept" ("Extra-sept") is a ready-to-use solution for treatment of all surfaces and small objects, as well as hard-to-reach and difficult-to-treat objects.

The storage period is 5 years.