Еклин-Окси стерилизация
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Eklin-Oxy sterilization

Disinfection, presterilization cleaning, sterilization (concentrate)

  • 5 л.

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Active ingredients - hydrogen peroxide - not less than 10%; acetic acid - no more than 35%; peracetic acid - NO

less than 4% and auxiliary substances - chemical additives, stabilizers, water up to 100.

Purpose of the tool;

Disinfection and washing of surfaces

Carrying out general cleaning in nursing homes, children's preschools, schools and other general education and health facilities, at communal facilities.

Disinfection of medical equipment (including incubators, anesthesia and respiratory equipment, anesthesia equipment, respiratory circuits, bags, ultrasound sensors, intensive care and changing tables, etc.).

Disinfection of dental impressions made of alginate, silicone materials, polyester resin, denture blanks made of metals, ceramics, plastics, and other materials that suction systems of dental units and spittoons.

Disinfection of medical devices (MDD) (including surgical and dental instruments, including rotating.

Rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments for endoscopes) manually.

High-level disinfection.

Sterilization of VMP (surgical, dental instruments and materials, etc.) and other heat-labile medical products (including endoscopes and instruments for endoscopes)


Disinfection 0.25% -30 min., 0.5% -15 min.

Sterilization - 12% - 60 min., 15% - 20 min.

The shelf life of the product is 1 year