Clean Stream- антисептик для рук гель
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Clean Stream (liquid) 1 l

Clean Stream liquid - for hygienic and surgical treatment of hands, medical and skin, as well as quick disinfection of small surfaces and medical products

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Composition: ethanol 70% (active substance), 2-propanol 2%


Ready disinfectant CLEAN STREAM liquid for external use with prolonged effect.

  - Destroys bacterial flora (including tuberculosis), viruses (including hepatitis, HIV, influenza viruses), fungi (mycoses)

  - Protects for 3 hours (prolonged effect)

  - Hand skin prevention

Actions of funds:

        - Hygienic treatment of hands and skin

        - Disinfection before invasive interventions

        - Quick disinfection of small surfaces and medical products


         - In honey institutions

         - In beauty salons

         - In places of public catering

          - In nature or on the road

         - In places of large crowd of people

          - If there is no access to water and soap


          -Reduces bacterial flora by 99% in just 30 seconds

         - Keeps hands clean for 3 hours

          -Prevention of "disease of dirty hands", especially in children

         - Does not require rinsing

          - dries immediately

          -Neutral composition to the skin of the hands

          - Meets European hygiene standards: EN 1500

The shelf life is 3 years.