Хлорель Экстра табл. №300
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Chlorel Extra tab. No. 300

For current, final and preventive disinfection


  • 1 кг.

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The tool is used for disinfection of: indoor surfaces, hard furniture, external surfaces of devices and apparatus, medical products, patient care items, linen, dishes, including laboratory, sanitary equipment (bathtubs, sinks, toilets), cleaning supplies , dishes from secretions, liquid secretions, feces, etc.

Release form and physical and chemical properties.

The tool is available in the form of tablets with a smooth surface weighing 2.7 g, white in color and smelling of chlorine. The content of active chlorine in terms of one tablet is 1.5 g. The tablets are well soluble in water. Aqueous solutions of the agent are transparent, colorless, with a faint smell of chlorine.

Composition of the tool:

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate - 99.5% (active substance)

0.5% excipient.

The tool has:

bactericidal (including pathogens of tuberculosis, plague, cholera, tularemia),

virulicidal (including causative agents of influenza, poliomyelitis, hepatitis and HIV infection),

fungicidal (for Candida fungi and pathogenic dermatophytes)

sporicidal (regarding the causative agent of anthrax) properties.

"ChlorelE Xtra" is used in the following concentrations of Active Chlorine (AC):

with intestinal and droplet infections of bacterial (except tuberculosis and particularly dangerous infections) etiology 0.015 - 0.2% for active chlorine;

for infections of viral etiology 0.015 0.3% by active chlorine,

with tuberculosis 0.06-0.3% by active chlorine,

with dermatomycoses and candidiasis 0.06-0.2% by active chlorine,

with particularly dangerous infections of bacterial etiology (plague, cholera, tularemia) 0.03-0.3% of active chlorine,

with anthrax, 1-3% for active chlorine.

Shelf life - 3 years;