Дезсредство Бодедекс форте для предстерилизационной очистки медицинского инструментария и эндоскопов
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Bodedex forte- for PSO

Bodedex Forte is used for independent cleaning of medical products

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Bodedex forte composition: 100 g of concentrate 1,2-propanediol - 10-20 g, isotridecanolethoxylate (7EO) - 5-10 g, lauryl myristyl alcohol ethoxylate - 5-10 g, anionic and amphoteric surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, preservative, water .

Bodedex forte is used for:

dissolution of organic contaminants that are difficult to remove (blood, protein, secretory secretions of the body, fatty contamination, remnants of X-ray contrast substances, medicinal preparations);

cleaning, including pre-sterilization, rigid and flexible endoscopes and instruments for them;

pre-sterilization cleaning of medical products made of metal, glass, polymer materials, rubber;

washing the surfaces of the premises, floors, and patient care items.

Bodedex Forte is used both for independent cleaning of medical products in laboratory and medical practice, and in combination with disinfectants to enhance the cleaning effect of the disinfectant, as well as for disinfection of heavily soiled instruments.

Bodedex forte is combined only with disinfectants Korzolex extra produced by BODE Chemie GmbH & Co.KG (Germany).

Cleaning: 0.5%-1.0% - exposure time 5-10 minutes.