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Vinchlor tablets

Disinfectant of a wide spectrum of action.

Including water disinfection, disinfection of systems and individual water supply facilities

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"Vinchlor" (tablets) is a broad-spectrum disinfectant.

Antimicrobial component: 80-82% sodium dichloroisocyanurate. The product contains 45±3% active chlorine.

Properties: aqueous solutions of the product are transparent, colorless, with a faint smell of chlorine, stable; provide effective disinfection and decontamination of a wide range of objects; do not cause corrosion, do not damage the processing objects; do not fix protein contamination on processing facilities; they wash off well, do not leave stains and plaque; homogenize sputum and other secretions. The product is non-flammable, explosion-proof, compatible with detergents.


preventive, current and final disinfection, current and general cleaning in institutions and enterprises of various profiles, as well as in everyday life;

disinfection of indoor surfaces, indoor air, furniture, organizational and household appliances, medical and technological equipment, sanitary equipment, vehicles, dishes, linen, clothes, shoes, toys, sports equipment, cleaning equipment, patient care items, personal care products hygiene, medical waste, waste material, decontamination of biological and other contaminated waste;

disinfection, including combined with presterilization cleaning of medical products (except for endoscopes), hairdressing, cosmetology, manicure, pedicure tools, pharmacy and laboratory dishes and glass;

filling disinfection barriers;

treatment of surfaces in order to destroy and prevent the appearance of mold;

disinfection of fruits, vegetables, shell surfaces of commercial (food) eggs;

disinfection of water storage and transportation containers;

disinfection of "bowls" of swimming pools and disinfection of water in them;

disinfection of mine wells and water disinfection in them;

water disinfection, disinfection of systems and individual water supply facilities;

disinfection of waste water, disinfection of systems and individual drainage facilities.

Fields of application: health care facilities, medical and preventive facilities, foci of infectious diseases, pharmacies, children's, educational, social protection, geriatric facilities, places of permanent and temporary residence, offices, sports and health complexes, swimming pools, water parks, saunas , baths, objects of communal and household purpose, administrative and public institutions, banking institutions, institutions of communication, culture and recreation, hotel and restaurant industry, trade, places of mass gathering of people, public toilets, enterprises of pharmaceutical, microbiological, perfumery cosmetic, chemical, biotechnological, food processing industry, sugar and alcohol industries, water supply and drainage, agro-industrial complex, industrial enterprises, sanitary culverts, warehouses and storage facilities, waste processing enterprises, rolling stock and facilities for road transport, subway, railway, water , ground objects of air transport, objects of ministries, services and departments, customs and border services, institutions of the penitentiary system, other epidemically significant objects, the activities of which require disinfection.


The optimal composition of the product:

the sodium salt of dichloroisocyanuric acid (active substance) is classified as a high-level disinfectant by the World Health Organization;

the active substance is contained in the optimal range of 80-82%, is in a bound state and does not disintegrate with the formation of free chlorine without contact with water;

adipic acid and sodium carbonate (excipients) bind and stabilize the active substance, increase its antimicrobial effect, ensure high solubility of the agent, regulate the pH of solutions, soften water, reduce the fixing and corrosive activity of chlorine.

Convenience of using the tool:

dissolves well in water, even in cold water, ensures dosing accuracy;

does not require the use of scales, measures and other dosing containers;

does not require heating of water and addition of auxiliary substances;

has no restrictions on the material of containers for preparing solutions;

does not form "chlorine dust" when preparing solutions.

A wide range of antimicrobial action:

bacteria (including tuberculosis mycobacteria, intestinal and pneumococcal bacilli);

viruses (including viruses of hepatitis, HIV infection, coronavirus infection, influenza, "bird flu", "swine flu", SARS, herpes, poliomyelitis);

fungi (causing candidiasis, dermatomycosis, trichophytosis);

molds and spores;

pathogens of nosocomial infections;

causative agents of anaerobic infections;

causative agents of particularly dangerous infections.

Toxicity and safety of the product:

belongs to moderately dangerous substances when injected into the stomach;

belongs to substances with little danger when applied to the skin;

belongs to low-hazardous substances under the conditions of inhalation action in the form of steam;

has no long-term health consequences.

Cost-effectiveness of the tool:

high efficiency at low consumption rates;

reduced exposure time for preventive disinfection of indoor surfaces (30; 15; 10 minutes);

efficiency of one-time treatment of surfaces by wiping or irrigation with a rate of consumption of the working solution no more than 100 ml/m2;

efficiency of one-time treatment of premises, storage equipment, etc. by aerosol method with a rate of consumption of the working solution no more than 10 ml/m3.

1 kg of "Vinchlor" agent (tablets) - disinfection of up to 45,500 m2 of surfaces or 300,000 m3 of air, room volume, capacity equipment, etc.

Stability of working solutions:

working solutions of the product can be used repeatedly in the absence of contamination;

the shelf life of working solutions for use is 15 days.

Application features:

the use of working solutions with a concentration of up to 0.1% (based on active chlorine), including the wiping method, does not require personnel to use respiratory and eye protection;

disinfection of surfaces with working solutions of up to 0.1% concentration (based on active chlorine), including the wiping method, is allowed to be carried out in the presence of outsiders;

wet cleaning is not required after disinfecting the surfaces of the premises;

there are no special and additional requirements for the disposal of spent or unused solutions during the shelf life (pre-neutralization, dilution with water).

State registration: the product is included in the State Register of disinfectants, has a valid conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological examination and approved methodological instructions for use.

Methods of application: the tool is used in the form of working solutions and concentrated form. The surfaces of premises and other objects are wiped with a rag or brushed with a solution, irrigated with a solution, immersed in a solution, soaked in a solution, filled or filled with a solution. The agent or its solutions are introduced directly into the water to be disinfected.

Consumption norms and methods of using the agent (solutions) in all directions are outlined in the methodological instructions.

Storage conditions: store in tightly closed packaging, in dark, covered, dry rooms that are not accessible for public use.

Shelf life: 5 years from the date of manufacture.

The production quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


Hydrachim, France