Нью Таб актив
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New Tab asset

Chlorine-containing means for disinfecting surfaces

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It has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action and a shortened exposure time.

It has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action: bactericidal (including tuberculosis mycobacteria), virulicidal (including pathogens of parenteral and intestinal infections), fungicidal, sporicidal.

Working solutions do not damage surfaces made of wood, glass, polymer materials, rubber, and plastics.

The composition is the sodium salt of dichloroisocyanuric acid (50% active chlorine) and auxiliary substances that ensure accelerated dissolution in water. According to the disinfection regimes, 0.015% is used. Economical and stable in use.

Available in tablets (3.2 g, 1 g) and granules.

Preparation of working solutions of the disinfectant "New Tab active" in tablets weighing 3.2 g. The price may vary depending on the weight of the active substance