Klinmed Nanoklin
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Klinmed Nanoklin 300 pcs.

  Disinfectant of quick-dissolving effervescent tablets

                         with a washing effect 

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₴310.00 Tax excluded

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The composition of the product, the content of active and auxiliary substances, mass. %: sodium salt of dichloroisocyanuric acid (active substance), not less than 80; adipic acid, no more than 10, sodium carbonate, no more than 10, surfactants, stabilizers, pH regulators (excipients)

Disinfectant effect: They have whitening, wetting, high detergent (detergency at least 50% in relation to the standard), emulsifying, homogenizing and dispersing properties, remove protein, fat, mechanical contamination, blood and drug residues

Purpose: Intended for preventive, current and final disinfection, general cleaning in medical and preventive facilities of any profile, regardless of the form of ownership and departmental subordination

The main active substance: Chlorine

Volume: 1000

Release form: Tablets

Form of packaging: Jar