Діхлор 300 таб.
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Dichlor 300 tab.

DI-CHLOR - white tablets weighing 3.32±0.18g with the smell of chlorine.

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Disinfectant is intended for:

- current, final and preventive disinfection of medical facilities, in centers of infectious diseases, health care facilities of state and communal ownership, in preschool educational institutions and social welfare institutions, penitentiary institutions for bacterial infections (including tuberculosis), virus

- final disinfection in children's institutions;

- carrying out general cleaning in medical and preventive and children's institutions.

Spectrum of antimicrobial activity:

"Di-chlor" has an antimicrobial effect against bacteria (including tuberculosis microbacteria), viruses, fungi of the genus Candida, trichophyton.


- Disinfectant "DI-CHLOR" - intended for disinfection of surfaces of equipment, inventory, containers, as well as surfaces of production premises of enterprises.


- sodium salt of dichloroisocyanuric acid - 84.0% as an active substance, as well as adipic acid - 8.0%, sodium carbonate - 8%.

DESCRIPTION: the product is produced in the form of white tablets weighing 3.45-3.65 g, containing the sodium salt of dichloro isocyanuric acid (80-82%) as an active substance.

When one tablet is dissolved in water, 147-162 g of active chlorine is released. The product dissolves well in water. Aqueous solutions are transparent, colorless, and have a slight smell of chlorine. Solvents have antimicrobial activity against bacteria, including microflora isolated from equipment, containers, inventory and other objects of enterprises for the production of poultry products.

Consumption rate (for ready-made solutions): Treatment of objects by the method of irrigation is carried out with the help of special equipment. Consumption rates of working solutions for wiping are 0.1 l/m, for irrigation - at least 0.3 l/m, depending on the type of equipment used, achieving uniform and abundant wetting. Disinfection is carried out for 20 minutes with a 0.015% solution of "DI-CHLOR" at the rate of at least 0.3 l per 1 m of the surface, after which the remaining solution of the drug is washed with cold water.

Field of application:

- for the disinfection of various types of technological equipment, inventory, containers and surfaces of production and auxiliary premises, the agent "DI-CHLOR" is used in the form of working aqueous solutions, the bactericidal concentration of which is set at 0.015-0.03% (based on active chlorine), depending on the object and type of sanitary treatment at a temperature of 18-20°С. Disinfection with solutions of the agent is carried out by washing, wiping, soaking, immersion and irrigation.


- 5 years without opening the packaging, working solutions 3 days.

Store the product: in the manufacturer's packaging in a closed warehouse in places protected from moisture and sunlight, away from heating devices, at a temperature from 0 to 40°C

Features of use for joining the process of disinfection and cleaning, detergents approved for use in medical and preventive facilities are added to the solutions of the drug.

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