Desaquat 9
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Desaquat 9

Tablet disinfectant

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The tool is in the form of white tablets weighing 3.3 g, with a characteristic smell of chlorine.

When one tablet is dissolved in water, 1.5 g of active chlorine is released. It is used for washing and disinfecting surfaces made of glass, rubber, polymer materials, wood, tiles, porcelain, medical devices, equipment with paint and polymer coating. It washes off well, does not leave a coating, is compatible with all types of detergents.

It is effective against all groups of microorganisms. The tool is used in the form of a working solution, which is prepared at the rate of 1 tablet per 10-15 liters of water.

Fields of application:

medical and preventive facilities;

children's institutions of all levels of accreditation;

at communal facilities;

sports and recreation complexes;

restaurant establishment;

social institutions;

on rolling stock and objects of railway, water, road and subway transport