ДезТАБ нью таблетований 300 шт.  - 2
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DesTAB new tablets 300 pcs.

For disinfection, it is produced in the form of tablets weighing 3.0 g


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DezTab new composition of means - content of active and auxiliary substances, mass. %: Trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCC) - 43.0%, sodium salt of dichloroisocyanuric acid (Na-salt HCCC) - 20.0% (active substances); auxiliary components that give the product cleaning properties, ensure rapid solubility, pH-adjusting agents, reduce the fixing and corrosive effect of chlorine (including sodium hydrogen carbonate and sodium carbonate - 30.0%).

  Release form and physical and chemical properties of the product.

"Dez TAB new" product is produced in the form of tablets weighing 3.0 g, with an active chlorine content of 50.0%. Tablets of the product are white and round in shape, may have notches on the surface that allow dividing the tablet when preparing working solutions.

The tool dissolves well on its own in water without mixing. Aqueous solutions are transparent, colorless, and have a slight smell of chlorine. Working solutions of "Dez TAB new" are stable, have washing, wetting, emulsifying and whitening properties; soften water; do not damage surfaces and products made of wood, glass, polymer materials, corrosion-resistant metals, rubber and plastics, tiles, earthenware; the surfaces of medical devices, equipment and equipment with paint, galvanic and polymer coating do not fix pollution of organic and inorganic origin on the surface of medical products and other equipment, are washed off without leaving a coating on the surfaces of the objects that are subject to treatment; remove mechanical, chemical, protein, fat and other organic contaminants, blood residues, medicinal products from external surfaces, internal channels and cavities of medical products, homogenize sputum and other secretions. the agent is non-flammable, explosion-proof, compatible with soaps, anionic surface-active substances, amphoteric and non-ionic substances, alkali metal salts of inorganic and organic acids.

  Purpose of funds.

The product is intended for current, final and preventive disinfection, general cleaning.

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