Clinidez 300 tablets
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Clinidez 300 tablets

Universal tablet product based on chlorine

  • 1 кг.

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Chlorine disinfectant for current, final, preventive disinfection and general cleaning, for disinfection, cleaning of medical products, instruments for disinfection of dishes, sanitary equipment, swimming pools, water, etc.


Means based on the sodium salt of dichloroisocyanuric acid - 80.5%.

The product is in the form of white tablets weighing 3.0-3.4 g, which dissolve well in water (2-3 min). When one tablet is dissolved in water, 1.5-1.7 g of active chlorine (50%) is released, a transparent solution, colorless, with a slight smell of lemon or sea breeze.

It is active against pathogens of nosocomial infections, infections of bacterial etiology (including tuberculosis, dangerous and especially dangerous infections, infections of viral etiology.), infections of fungal etiology (candidiasis, dermatomycosis, mold fungi), has sporicidal properties.

Working solutions have good cleaning, deodorizing, wetting, emulsifying properties, do not cause metal corrosion, do not damage objects made of thermostable and thermolabile materials and the surface of medical devices and equipment of organic origin on the surface of medical products, wash well, do not leave plaque and stains on the surfaces of objects subject to processing. Remove mechanical, protein, fat contamination, blood residues, drug residues from external surfaces, internal channels and cavities of medical products, homogenize sputum and other secretions.

Objects of application:

Recommendations for disinfection, including combined with pre-sterilization cleaning (manual and mechanized), in centers of infectious diseases, health care organizations and medical and preventive institutions of various profiles, hairdressing, sanitary and technical equipment, cleaning equipment. dishes (brushes, sponges, etc.), rubber mats, in mats for disinfection of shoes, for disinfection before disposal of used medical disposable products, medical waste from textile materials (including, etc.). ), biological fluids (blood, mucus, sputum, saliva, etc.), for disinfection and washing of waste pipes, containers and other containers for garbage, sanitary transport, ambulances, technological equipment and equipment in the food, pharmaceutical, microbiological, biotechnological industries , perfumery and cosmetics industry, vehicles, equipment and inventory of public catering and trade, on all types of transport, educational and preschool institutions, swimming pools, in everyday life to achieve the necessary hygiene and other objects.

Modes of use:

The working solution is prepared in a marked container made of corrosion-resistant material by dissolving it in water with stirring for 1-2 minutes.

0.01% - 1 tab. for 15 liters of water

0.015% - 1 tab. per 10 liters of water

0.03% - 2 tab. per 10 liters of water

0.045% - 3 tab. per 10 liters of water

0.06%  4 tab. per 10 liters of water

0.1% - 7 tab. per 10 liters of water

0.15% - 10 tab. per 10 liters of water

0.2% - 14 tab. per 10 liters of water

0.3% - 20 tab. for 10 liters of water.

The shelf life of the working solution is 16 days in a container with a tightly closed lid.