Биомой- достерилизационная очистка изделий медицинского назначения.
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Means for pre-sterilization cleaning

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Application for the purpose of pre-sterilization cleaning.

Bionol exhibits wetting, cleaning, emulsifying properties, removes protein, fat contamination, blood residues, medicinal and disinfectants from external surfaces and surfaces of internal channels of medical products.

It works effectively at low concentrations (0.5-2%) in water of any hardness, even in the absence of hot water.

Completely soluble in water.

Washes well from surfaces, leaves no traces.

It foams well in hot and cold water, forms a stable stable foam, which allows you to wash vertical surfaces and hard-to-reach places.

Purpose of the tool:

Recommended as a means for pre-sterilization cleaning in medicine.

It is also used for cleaning various technological equipment made of anti-corrosion materials, heavily soiled floors in workshops, as well as for washing ventilation and waste pipes, cleaning sewage drains from oil and fat deposits at enterprises of the food and processing industry, public catering and in everyday life.