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Bio Chlor-T 300 tablets

                                    For disinfection of surfaces 


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Tablet disinfectant - at least 300 tablets (at least 1 kg)

spectrum of action

Bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores


Sodium dichloroisocyanurate - 65.5% (Na-salt of DCC), with a washing effect

Sodium bicarbonate - 20%

Adipic acid - 10%

Sodium sulfate - 4.5%

pH - 6 - weakly acidic environment

Release form

Bio Chlor-T is a white tablet with a chlorine smell, weighing 3.5 ± 0.3 g

Field of application


patient care items

dishes, linen

glass, metal, rubber products

honey. tools

sanitary and technical equipment

water purification in the pool

disinfection of drinking water

disinfection of drinking water storage containers

processing of vegetables / fruits

veterinary medicine



When one tablet is dissolved, 1.8 g of active chlorine is released

The shelf life of the working solution is up to 5 days

It has washing, biocidal, deodorizing properties

When heated, the biocidal and cleaning properties increase

Adding soda ash enhances the cleaning properties

Easily copes with organic pollution, does not fix them on the processed objects

Simple, convenient and economical to use, transport and store

Application, precautions and storage conditions are indicated in the instructions

Shelf life - 5 years from the date of manufacture, in unopened packaging.

The production date is indicated on the packaging.

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