Lecithin 1200 mg (100 capsules)
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Lecithin 1200 mg (100 capsules)


Lecithin 1200mg (100 softgels)

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Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg - biosupplement with natural lecithin from NON-GMO soybeans for health and cleansing of the liver, support of the heart and blood vessels, brain and central nervous system health, prevention of many diseases

support and health of the nervous system and brain

natural hepatoprotector

prevents obesity

restores damaged cells

the strongest natural antioxidant

the source is NON-GMO soy

Lecithin is a fat-like substance, a phospholipid, which is a building material for cell membranes, is fuel for the body and the strongest antioxidant.

The use of lecithin is shown to everyone, because a sufficient level of lecithin (5-7 g per day) is very important for the body of any age, because thanks to it, all organs and systems are kept in a healthy state.

Usually, with an average diet, a person does not consume lecithin from products (fish roe, egg yolks, etc.) in the required quantities, so it is better to take lecithin additionally with the help of a bio-additive of pharmaceutical quality Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg

Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg is a biologically active supplement with NON-GMO soy lecithin in capsules for the health of the nervous system, liver recovery, cleansing the body of free radicals and supplying the body with energy. The convenient form of release in the form of capsules has a number of advantages: you know, what dosage you get per serving, the capsule form protects the lecithin from oxidation!

By consuming Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg daily, you will ensure the health of the heart and blood vessels! The supplement helps to recover as much as possible from previous strokes and heart attacks, prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

The product Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg has a place in the diet of diabetics, because lecithin promotes better insulin production by beta cells.

The supplement Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg is an effective, and most importantly, a natural hepatoprotector, which allows you to cope with a number of ailments, including fatty liver dystrophy. It is important to know that lecithin is produced precisely by the liver, being its main enzyme.

This supplement will be very useful for children and adolescents, because poor memory, developmental disorders, learning difficulties are indications for the use of Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg.

People in old age should take Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg, because the body's own production of lecithin decreases sharply and the risk of brain diseases and memory disorders, up to sclerosis, increases.

Anyone who follows a diet and tries to lose weight will need the product Lecithin 1200 mg, because lecithin cleanses the body, lowers the level of bad cholesterol, salts and impurities, restores the work of the gastrointestinal tract and cleanses it, thereby shedding extra pounds!

Physically working people need lecithin to support energy resources and improve immunity. Athletes should take Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg, because it perfectly restores after training, helps to increase endurance.

Pregnant women Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg lecithin should be taken at 18-22 weeks, because it is lecithin that contributes to the healthy and correct formation of the future baby's brain.

For all girls who are planning to get pregnant, lecithin helps to create favorable conditions for conceiving a child in the body.

Of course, the supplement Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg will help to restore connective tissues, moisturize the skin and preserve the beauty of hair and nails. Useful properties of the supplement Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg:

delivers vitamins, nutrients and trace elements to all tissues of our body

helps medicines to be absorbed better

restores damaged cells and renews them

helps the brain and nervous system

increases concentration of attention, memorization and improves memory

relieves joint pain

restores liver cells and cleanses the liver of radionuclides and toxic substances.

is a strong antioxidant

lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and prevents the deposition of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels

supports heart health

provides the body with energy for lack of carbohydrates

improves skin condition

prevents the formation of gallstones

Indications for use. Now foods Lecithin 1200 mg:

cardiovascular diseases

diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis and colitis)

diseases of the liver and gall bladder

brain dysfunction, reduced attention and memory

stress and nervous disorders

genetic diseases (Down's disease)

atherosclerosis, thrombosis

diabetes and obesity

diseases of the respiratory system

skin diseases - dermatitis, psoriasis

pregnancy (18-22 weeks)

age-related diseases (dementia, multiple sclerosis)

chronic fatigue

Accompanying supplements:

it is recommended to combine for health and recovery of the liver with Now foods Liver Refresh

for the prevention of atherosclerosis with Now foods Omega-3, Now foods CoQ10 100 mg, Now foods C-100 Complex, Now foods Lycopene 10 mg;

for weight loss and detoxification of the body with Now foods Spirullina 500 mg;

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to restore hair and moisturize skin with vitamins Now foods E-400 IU, Now foods D-3 2000 IU, Now foods Vitamin A 1000 IU.


Recommendations for use: take 1 helium capsule 3 times a day with food. Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components of the supplement, disruption of the endocrine system. It is not recommended to take the supplement in large quantities for pregnant and lactating women, only as prescribed by their doctor.


Ingredients per serving (3 helium capsules):

Servings per container: 133

Calories 30

Total fat 2.5 g

Saturated fat 1 g

Polyunsaturated fats 2 g

Soy lecithin 3.6 g

Phosphatidyl choline 500 mg

Other ingredients: Softgel Capsule (beef gelatin, glycerin, water) and soybean oil. Soy lecithin and soy oil from GMO-free soy. Not made with yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, milk, eggs, fish or shellfish. It is manufactured according to GMP quality standards.

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