KIDS-Omega-3 with a high level of DHA
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KIDS-Omega-3 with a high level of DHA


KIDS Omega-3 with a high level of DHA

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The highest level of DHA-acids in nature - for the development of the brain, cognitive abilities, speech, nervous and immune systems.

100% fat from wild-caught tuna from Iceland, without additives.

For children from 4 years old, in convenient small capsules.

Cleaned from mercury, toxins and heavy metals.

Promotes the growth and development of the child, his cognitive abilities, organs of vision, bones and muscles.

• Forms immunity, protects the child from infections and inflammatory processes

• Stimulates brain activity, memory and concentration

• Improves skin and hair condition

• Useful for the cardiovascular system

• Prevents excessive irritability, improves mood


100% fish oil from tuna meat, gelatin, glycerin.


43 mg/150 mg


children 4-6 years old: 2 capsules per day

• children 6-10 years old: 3 capsules per day

It is recommended to take the course for two to three months. If you do not consume oily marine fish without heat treatment at least 3 times a week, and if there are no contraindications, you can take it constantly.

In the package:

120 capsules of 300 mg