Ginkgo Biloba
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Ginkgo biloba 60 mg (60 capsules)


Ginkgo Biloba 60mg (60 caps)

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Now foods Ginkgo biloba 60mg caps - a natural biosupplement based on the extract of the ginkgo biloba plant to improve blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular diseases, provide antioxidant support for the body and increase performance

healthy circulation

improving mental activity and increasing work capacity

heart health and vascular elasticity

elimination of headache

protection against free radicals

vegetarian supplement

Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest species of trees on the planet, it is considered a living fossil, because it was able to survive the times when many plants and animals disappeared, and Ginkgo biloba exists even in our time, it is very popular due to the special biological substances in the composition of the leaves of the tree.

People with fragile blood vessels, prone to blood clots, frequent headaches, high cholesterol, all those with high mental activity, people of age will benefit from taking a supplement based on the amazing and very useful Ginkgo biloba plant. The older a person gets, the more his cardiovascular system wears out due to stress, poor nutrition and other factors. The risk of developing heart attacks and strokes in people over 40-45 years old increases many times compared to those who are 20-30 years old, strengthening the walls of blood vessels helps to reduce the likelihood of such problems. A faithful assistant in improving blood circulation and strengthening blood vessels is natural a supplement based on the extract of the ginkgo biloba plant from the American brand Now foods - Ginkgo biloba 60 mg caps.

Now foods Ginkgo biloba 60 mg caps - a herbal supplement with ginkgo biloba leaf extract to combat brain dysfunction and improve blood circulation throughout the body.

The capsule has a coating of vegetable polysaccharides, so vegetarians can safely take this supplement. The capsule contains 60 mg of ginkgo biloba leaf extract.

Effect on the brain. One of the most important functions of the extract is the significant improvement of blood circulation in the brain, thanks to which brain activity is stimulated, memory and thinking are improved, and even in such severe cases as Alzheimer's disease. It is especially important to take supplements for people whose work requires concentration and is associated with mental stress.

Excellent blood circulation. Ginkgo biloba improves blood circulation in the whole body, which is very useful for people with heart and vascular diseases, because thanks to increased blood flow and reduced blood viscosity, it stabilizes the heart rhythm in case of arrhythmia, prevents the development of blood clots, normalizes blood pressure - reduces the likelihood of a heart attack, etc. .

No more ringing in the ears and blurred vision. The use of Now foods Ginkgo biloba 60 mg caps is useful for people who complain of decreased quality of hearing and vision.

The supplement Now foods Ginkgo biloba 60 mg caps will restore the former elasticity to the blood vessels. The useful properties of the leaves and seeds of ginkgo biloba are that it contains a unique ginkgolide - a substance capable of returning blood vessels to the former elasticity.

It is interesting that the use of the Ginkgo biloba 60 mg caps supplement will benefit those who suffer from chronic diseases and inflammatory processes, as another property of the product is the ability to increase the body's natural defenses and help fight infections.

Useful properties of the supplement Now foods Ginkgo biloba 60mg caps:

antioxidant support of the body and fight against free radicals

improves brain metabolism, helps supply the brain with oxygen.

improves the rheological properties of blood

prevents the formation of blood clots

lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood

vasodilator property

prevents the formation of atherosclerosis

increases working capacity

improves mental activity, attention, memory and fights dementia

relieves feelings of worry and anxiety

anti-stress effect

improves blood circulation in the organs of vision

fights impotence

eliminates headache and dizziness, tinnitus

improves the condition of lungs, liver and kidneys due to stimulation of cell membranes

fights inflammatory processes

Indications for use:



cardiovascular diseases

chronic fatigue

impaired blood circulation


respiratory diseases-asthma

varicose veins


headache, migraine

mental stress


Accompanying supplements: it is recommended to take with Now foods C-1000, Now foods E-400 IU, Now foods Taurine 1000 mg, Now foods Grape seed extract.


Directions for use: Take 1 or 2 capsules daily with food. WARNING! For adults only. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant/nursing, taking medication or have medical contraindications. This supplement can increase the effect of anticoagulants (aspirin, heparin, warfarin). Keep out of the reach of children. Contraindications: individual intolerance of supplement components, gastritis, ulcer, reduced blood coagulation, acute myocardial infarction, hypotension, pregnancy, lactation.


Ingredients for 1 vegetarian capsule:

Ginkgo Biloba extract (50:1 standardized extract containing min. 24%

ginkgoflavone glycosides and 6% terpene lactones) - 60 mg

Ginkgo Biloba powder (leaves) - 200 mg

Other ingredients: vegetable polysaccharides (capsule) and magnesium stearate (vegetable source).

Does not contain: sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, eggs, shellfish or preservatives. Vegetarian product. It is manufactured according to GMP quality standards.

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