Settings on MAG/AURA consoles

Connect the set-top box to the TV and the power supply unit of the set-top box to the outlet.

Wait usually about 1 minute for the set-top box to load


1. After downloading the set-top box, go to the main menu:

2. In the main menu of the set-top box, select the "Settings" item and go to the settings menu by pressing the "OK" button on the remote control (RC):

3. Next, select the "System settings" item and go to it:

4. In the system settings, go to the "Servers" item and open it:

5. In the servers settings, go to "Portals" to configure. In the portal settings, you need to specify the name of the portal and the URL of the portal:
5.1 Press the OK button to save the recording and go to the previous menu item "System settings" by pressing the EXIT button on the remote control.
6. Select "Restart portal":

7. The portal will start loading, then the portal will ask you to enter a login and password, enter the available login and password from the subscription (before this, make sure that you have turned on the stalker portal service)