About the company


We have been working in the field of disinfectants since 2004. We have always offered only modern systems and means of disinfection and antiseptics that meet the challenges of time and the needs of the medical industry. No less important characteristics of the presented disinfectants - compatibility with any materials, - environmental friendliness and high activity - have been proven through numerous achievements by a successful example of practical application in hospitals of Ukraine. We offer you to join the high safety standards in matters of disinfection and conservation of resources and make your work easier. We are surrounded by millions of bacteria every day, invisible to the human eye. They lie in wait for us everywhere: from public transport to our own home. This makes disinfectants and antiseptics for hands and skin an integral part of everyday life. Modern, highly effective and environmentally safe disinfectants for use in medical institutions, beauty salons, food industry and public catering enterprises.