List of products by brand Eubion Corporation

Виробник високоякісної продукції, яка виробляється відповідно до вказівок GMP та стандартів, установлених IFS та HACCP

Botamine tablets
Botamine tablets - helps to improve memory, speech and attention
Floras drops
Safe antispasmodic agent for children
Krax syrup
Natural plant composition for the health of the respiratory system
Ayderm capsules
Ayderm capsules-30 pcs. in the package Improvement of visual acuity
Sameon Plus tablets
Sameon Plus tablets-30 pcs. in the package Protection of the liver and biliary tract
Sanuslak capsules
Sanuslak capsules-30 pcs. in the package Elimination of symptoms of intestinal disorders
Lacto-Beefy sachet-20 pcs. in the package Functional baby food for children from 6 months